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In the song “Valente”, Arthur Nogueira’s poetry takes on the world from his hometown. The cities of Belém and Berlin intersect:“the sky is the same / endless mystery / in Belém or Berlin”, says the lyrics. The track is the first to be revealed from the new album by the singer and composer from Pará, entitled “Brasileiro profundo”, and arrived on digital platforms on September 16th. The single produced by Leonardo Chaves unfolds into a video clip and a documentary, directed by Vitor Souza Lima, and an artist book designed by Elisa Arruda. 

“Brave, so I come”


Written by Arthur Nogueira, “Valente” is a poetic journey that starts from the Guamá River in Belém and flows into the Spree River, in Berlin. The idea goes back to the famous verse by Fernando Pessoa,“through the Tagus you go to the world”. In this case, however, the Guamá is the river of his “village”. The opening track of the album “Brasileiro profundo”, “Valente” celebrates the trajectory of Arthur Nogueira, who in 2020 completed 15 years of career. 


“Valente is my middle name, my mother’s name. It's the first track on the new album. My mother and my land, where it all begins”, explains Arthur Nogueira, who has released six albums, two EPs and singles produced with Adriana Calcanhotto, Zélia Duncan and Fernanda Takai. “I have an album called “Sem medo nem esperança” (“From hope and fear set free”) and an EP called “The Poet's Courage”. The poet's courage has to do with not preferring guardianship to freedom, under any circumstances. In the poem “Liberté”, referring to freedom, the poet Paul Éluard says:“on the wings of birds / I write your name.” Brave, so I come and I fly”, contextualizes the composer, guaranteeing that it was the experience accumulated on the road of music that made him understand the poetry that his name carries.


The song appeared during Arthur Nogueira's tour in Europe in 2019. “The lyrics refer to Berlin because, in German, the pronunciation of “Berlin” is similar to “Belém”. When I was there, sometimes I said the name of my hometown and the Germans understood Berlin”, recalls the artist from Pará who visited England, France and Germany for the voice and guitar show “Coragem de Poeta”.


Like his other albums, Arthur Nogueira states that “Brasileiro profundo” preserves his interest in making music a platform for promoting great poets and, therefore, encouraging reading. “My fascination with poetry is decisive in all my artistic choices. I was around 13 years old when I discovered, going through my father's record shelf, the popular song written by poets, which is a common thing in Brazil. Vinicius de Moraes was the one who opened all the doors, dedicating himself to music with the same rigor and passion as he dedicated to his literary career. Even when I compose songs alone, as I did in “Valente”, everything I learned about poetry, everything I read about poetry counts”, he guarantees.

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Click on the images and embark on Arthur Nogueira's new song through the work of three contemporary artists from the Amazon:

Technical sheet of the clip

Directed by: Vitor Souza Lima
Assistant director: Sergio Rodrigues
Archive images (Berlin): Nina Cavalcanti
Executive production: Oscar Lifschiitz and Waxel Silva
Cultural support: Combu Vibes and Terra do Meio


Technical sheet of the artist book

Art direction and graphic design: Elisa Arruda
Photography: Ana Alexandrino and Vitor Souza Lima
Sheet music: Leonardo Chaves

Technical sheet of the song


Voice, music and lyrics: Arthur Nogueira
Music production, electric bass, guitar

and programming: Leonardo Chaves
Guitar: Renato Torres
Electric piano: Rubens Guilhon
Percussion: Thomas Harres
Viola: Leonardo Venturieri 
Mixing and mastering: Rodrigo Sanches
Publisher: Sony Music Publishing

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