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Salvador feat. Hiran - 2021

The first recording of my song "Salvador" was released in 2020, with musical production by Mateus Estrela and the participation of several artists from Pará, such as Lucas Estrela and Leonardo Chaves. In 2021, as we didn't have carnival, my friend Andrea Franco returned to this song and suggested that I make arework of the track, produced by Ubunto. I loved the idea and imagined Hiran singing with me, as he is a great artist who affirms, for all reasons, the political power of Bahia in today's Brazil. Hiran not only came to sing, but also composed a new verse, which we called "O som e tu e eu". When I composed "Salvador", I read in several academic works that lambada, a rhythm that was quite successful in Pará in the 1980s, was a very important influence on the emergence of axémusic. That's why it's so symbolic for me to hear thismix which was created between my class from Pará, who participated in the first version, and the class from Bahia, which Andrea introduced me to now.

Arthur Nogueira


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Music and lyrics:Arthur Nogueira ("Salvador") and Hiran ("O som e tu e eu").

Music production: Ubuntu.

Voices: Arthur Nogueira and Hiran.

Electric Piano: Jacinto Kahwage.
Guitar 1: Lucas Estrela.

Guitar 2: Aurata.

Synthesizer: Mateus Estrela.

Percussion: Nane.
Mixing and mastering: Mateus Estrela.

Artistic consultancy: Andrea Franco.
Cover: Ana Bolshaw.
Seal: Xirê.

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