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By Linhas Tortas - 2020

Things arrive because they have to arrive. Arthur Nogueira is an artist deeply connected to the world of music, and cares about each stage of the creative process of his compositions. From concern with words, through research into sound itself, to care with graphic art. By chance, we started to bump into each other on trips around the country, as it was easy to have friends in common. We got to know each other little by little, and from there becoming friends was just a step. As I like being around people who are dedicated to music, it was natural that we thought about composing something together. What's interesting is that we were rarely together while we were writing, we did almost everything remotely. But things arrive because they have to arrive. And, generally, with crooked lines.

Ronaldo Bastos


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Music: Arthur Nogueira.

Lyrics: Ronaldo Bastos.

Music production: STRR.

Voice: Arthur Nogueira.
Electric Piano: Jacinto Kahwage.

Electric Bass: Leo Chaves.
Guitar: Rubens Guilhon.

Electronic drums and programming: STRR.

Recorded at STRR Home Studio (Belém) and Midas Amazon Studio (Belém). 

Mixed and mastered by STRR.

Cover by Pv Dias.

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