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Mundane - 2009

Sometimes a singer is called an "interpreter". This means, of course, that he performs the songs he sings. But real singers, like Arthur Nogueira, are more than interpreters of the songs they sing. In fact, the songs that make up the brilliant album "Mundano" serve Arthur to interpret the light and mystery that he perceives – and that fascinates him – in the world in which he lives.  

Thus, a song like "Mal secreto", composed by Jards Macalé and Waly Salomão in the 1970s, becomes, in Arthur's voice, as contemporary as his own compositions.

This does not mean, in any way, that the record suffers from any type of musical pasteurization. Although endowed, from beginning to end, with a profound unity, rare consistency and high musical and poetic quality, it goes through the most different rhythms and moods, with each of his songs deserving unique and careful treatment.

It is, in short, an original and admirable work, which deserves the widest repercussion.

Anthony Cicero

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01 Secret evil

     (Jards Macalé / Waly Salomão)

     Warner Chappell, Kabuki

02 Leave

     (Leandro Dias / Arthur Nogueira)
     Direct, Dubas Music

03 I don't know

     (Felipe Cordeiro)


04 There

     (Arthur Nogueira)

     Dubas Music

05$ Dude

     (Marina Lima / Antonio Cicero)

     Fullgás, Events

06 Carbon

     (Maria Lidia / Arthur Nogueira)

     Direct, Dubas Música

07 Invitation

     (Vital Lima / Arthur Nogueira)

     Direct, Dubas Music

08 03:05

     (Vital Lima / Arthur Nogueira)

     Direct, Dubas Música 

09 Pretext
     (Arthur Nogueira / Marcelo Ribeiro)

     Dubas Music, Direct

10 Free

     (Renato Torres / Arthur Nogueira)

     Direct, Dubas Music

11 Nameless
     (Arthur Nogueira / Marcelo Ribeiro)

     Dubas Music, Direct

Cover by Gil Yonezawa with photo by Jaime Souzza

Available on CD

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