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Cover AN - Courage of a poet - by Elisa

Poet's Courage - 2019

In dark times, enlightenment can come, according to Hannah Arendt, "less from theories and concepts" and more from the light that "some men and women, in their lives and works, will shine in almost all circumstances". In this sense, the EP "Coragem de Poeta", by Arthur Nogueira, is a tribute to fundamental composers in his formation, whose works have made music, for many decades, a sun of freedom in South America. 

With the same title as a poem by Friedrich Hölderlin, the EP was recorded live in the studio. In four vocal and guitar tracks, the singer and composer from Pará pays tribute to Renato Russo, Cássia Eller, Cazuza, Antonio Cicero, Maria Bethânia and Argentines María Elena Walsh and Mercedes Sosa. The recording sessions, held in his hometown, Belém, were recorded on video by directors Adriana de Faria and Lucas Domires.

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01 For now

     (Renato Russo)

     Edições Musicais Tapajós Ltda.

02 I wish I had a bomb

     (Cazuza / Frejat)
     Ed. Warner

03 The circus

     (Orlando Morais / Antonio Cicero)

     Events, First Second Cultural

04 Like the cicada

     (María Elena Walsh)

     Editorial Lagos

Conception, voice and guitar: Arthur Nogueira.

Recording, mixing & mastering: Assis Figueiredo.

Video: Adriana de Faria and Lucas Domires.

Cover: Elisa Arruda.

Stamp: Modern Jewel.

Recorded live on October 30, 2018, at Apce Music studio (Belém).

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