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4 - Cover A Proposal of Stars - By P

About Stars - 2020

Three years after the celebrated album "Rei Nobody" (2017), singer and composer Arthur Nogueira returns to present not only new songs of his own, but also new partnerships. After lyrics written by Fernanda Takai ("Pontal") and Zélia Duncan ("Dessas Manhãs Sem Amor"), her music now features poetry by Adília Lopes. The single "A Propósito de Estrelas" — Adília's first poem set to music in Brazil — has a melody created by the artist from Pará based on the poem of the same name by the Portuguese author. The track continues Arthur Nogueira's new authorial project, which consists of five new songs made with the Artistic Production and Diffusion Award from the Fundação Cultural do Pará.


Born in Lisbon in 1960, Adília Lopes is one of the main names in contemporary Portuguese poetry. Owner of an extensive work, the author is also famous for her reclusion. As Adelaide Ivánova explains in the introduction to "Um Jogo Bastante Perigoso" (1985), Adília's first book, re-released in Brazil by Editora Moinhos, the poet is not "given to fools, she doesn't launch her books, she doesn't go to festivals , doesn't participate in readings, doesn't have a Facebook or email account." Aware of this, Arthur Nogueira feared that the song might not be released for recording. "This is a beautiful and important poem for me, and it seemed like an impossible dream to record it. I contacted some friends, poets and artists, and none of them knew or had close contact with Adília. I then wrote to Assírio & Alvim, her publisher in Portugal, with a demo. The response came shortly afterwards, as follows: "Adília Lopes had a smile when she heard what you sent and said yes."", celebrates the composer, whose work includes music for verses by great poets Brazilians, such as Antonio Cicero and Eucanaã Ferraz, and foreigners, such as Adonis (Syria) and Rose Ausländer (Ukraine).


Like the previous ones, the single "A Propósito de Estrelas" was recorded in Belém, under the musical production of STRR, pseudonym Mateus Estrela. "STRR suggested that we record Jacinto Kahwage's piano based on a rhythm from the classic TR-808, Roland's first programmable drum machine. When I heard the result, I understood it as samba, so I proposed that we also sample surdo and tambourine", says Nogueira, who has just completed the musical production of the album "Só", by Adriana Calcanhotto, with the collaboration of STRR and musician Leo Chaves, who also participates in the single, playing electric bass.

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Music: Arthur Nogueira.

Poem: Adília Lopes.

Music production: STRR.

Voice: Arthur Nogueira.

Electric Bass: Leo Chaves.

Electric Piano: Jacinto Kahwage.

Synthesizers and programming: STRR.

Recorded at STRR Home Studio (Belém) and Midas Amazon Studio (Belém). 

Mixed and mastered by STRR.

Cover by Pv Dias in a reinterpretation of "Icarus" (1944) by Henri Matisse.

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