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Present (Antonio Cicero 70) - 2016

On the day I was happiest, I discovered Antonio Cicero's poetry.

The first time we met was in Belém. When I was 16, I asked him to autograph my copy of "The city and the books". The poet told stories and laughed a lot, as he always does. Some time later, I composed a melody for the sonnet "Onda", which I only recorded now, and the music brought us together. Since then, we have presented shows in partnership, I organized a book with his interviews and we created songs like "Sem Medo Nem Esperança", for Gal Costa.

The truth is that my life would be completely different if Antonio Cicero wasn't there. He is the poet who teaches me how to read poetry, the thinker to whom I turn in my hyperbolic doubts, the generous friend, who captivates me to "love the sweet, the fair, the beautiful and knowledge".

It wasn't about Homer, Kant or the avant-gardes. The greatest lesson Cicero gave me is, for example, in "Perrier Water": "I find humor even in clichés." Supported by an undeniable and rare intellectual rigor, he is a master at celebrating freedom and pleasure.

With love, here is my present, eternal now. This is not an anniversary album. Nor is it about the past or the future. It arrives to celebrate our gift of hard work and good news. I wish, my poet and friend, as in the words of Thomas Mann, that life after the age of 70 provides "the advantage of feeling at every moment the calm certainty of your mastery".

Arthur Nogueira


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01 Wings

     (Adriana Calcanhotto / Antonio Cicero)

     My Music, Events

02 Trifles

     (Frejat / Antonio Cicero)
     Warner Chappell

03 Winter

     (Adriana Calcanhotto / Antonio Cicero)

     My Music, Events

04 The last romantic

     (Lulu Santos / Sérgio Souza / Antonio Cicero)

     Peermusic, Warner

05 Wave

     (Arthur Nogueira / Antonio Cicero)

     Dubas Music, Events

06 Emergency exit

     (João Bosco / Waly Salomão / Antonio Cicero)

     Buzz, Kabuki, Warner 

07 Virgin forest

     (Vinícius Cantuária / Waly Salomão / Antonio Cicero)

     EMI (Sony Music), Events

08 Perrier water

     (Adriana Calcanhotto / Antonio Cicero)

     My Music, Events

09 Old Summer (Embarkation for Cythera)
     (Arthur Nogueira / Antonio Cicero)

     Dubas Music, Events

10 Night

     (Orlando Morais / Antonio Cicero)

     First Second Cultural, Events

Cover by Raphael Soria with photo by Ana Alexandrino

Available on CD

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